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Physical Review D 76,7 (2007)


We present measurements of decay matrix elements for hadronic transitions of the form Upsilon(nS)->Upsilon(mS)pi pi, where (n,m)=(3,1),(2,1),(3,2). We reconstruct charged and neutral pion modes with the final state Upsilon decaying to either mu(+)mu(-) or e(+)e(-). Dalitz plot distributions for the 12 decay modes are fit individually as well as jointly assuming isospin symmetry, thereby measuring the matrix elements of the decay amplitude. We observe and account for the anomaly previously noted in the dipion invariant mass distribution for the Upsilon(3S)->Upsilon(1S)pi pi transition and obtain good descriptions of the dynamics of the decay using the most general decay amplitude allowed by partial conservation of the axial-vector current considerations. The fits further indicate that the Upsilon(2S)->Upsilon(1S)pi pi and Upsilon(3S)->Upsilon(2S)pi pi transitions also show the presence of terms in the decay amplitude that were previously ignored, although at a relatively suppressed level.


Astronomy & Astrophysics;; Physics, Particles & Fields

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January 2007



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