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Physical Review B 77,3 (2008) 035131;


We present a quantitative study of the quasiparticle properties of a three-dimensional electron Fermi liquid. Our approach is based on the theory of the many-body local field factors which we use to include vertex corrections associated with charge and spin fluctuations. Extensive use is made of the results of recent quantum Monte Carlo calculations. Several models for the wave-vector dependence of the spin-antisymmetric many-body local field factor G(-), for which no numerical results are currently available, are discussed and compared. Both the real and imaginary parts of the self-energy as well as the quasiparticle renormalization constant and the enhancement of the effective mass are calculated in the experimentally accessible range of electron densities. The results obtained by means of the on-shell approximation are critically compared with those given by a self-consistent solution of the Dyson equation. An ultraviolet catastrophe in the Coulomb-hole part of the self-energy is identified and a satisfactory resolution of this impasse is presented. The same many-body local field factors are also used to obtain the Landau interaction function. This allows us to obtain both the spin susceptibility and the proper compressibility of the system.


Physics, Condensed Matter

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January 2008



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