Domain walls, the extended superconformal algebra and the supercurrent

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Nuclear Physics B 776,1-2 (2007) 66-92;


The presence of a domain wall is shown to require a tensorial central charge extension of the superconformal algebra. The currents associated with the conformal central charges are constructed as space-time moments of the SUSY tensorial central charge current. The supercurrent is obtained and it contains the R symmetry current, the SUSY spinor currents, the energy-momentum tensor and the SUSY tensorial central charge currents as its component currents. All tensorial central charge extended superconformal currents are constructed from the supercurrent. The superconformall currents' and the conformal tensorial central charge currents' (non-)conservation equations are expressed in terms of the generalized trace of the supercurrent. It is argued that although the SUSY tensorial central charges are uncorrected, the conformal tensorial central charges receive radiative corrections. (c) 2007 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


Physics, Particles & Fields

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