GaN nanorod Schottky and p-n junction diodes

Published in:

Nano Letters 6,12 (2006) 2893-2898;


Conductive atomic force microscopy has been used to characterize single GaN nanorod Schottky and p-n junction diodes. The ideality factor, reverse breakdown voltage, and the Schottky barrier height of individual nanorod diodes were compared to those from conventional thin-film diodes. Large-area contacts, enabling diodes with arrays of GaN nanorods in parallel, were also fabricated and their electrical characteristics investigated. The defect-free nature of the GaN nanorods and enhanced tunneling effects due to nanoscale contacts have been invoked to explain the electrical behavior of the nanorod diodes.


Chemistry, Multidisciplinary;; Nanoscience & Nanotechnology;; Materials;; Science, Multidisciplinary

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