On generation of Crab giant pulses


M. Lyutikov

Published in:

Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 381,3 (2007) 1190-1196;


We propose that Crab giant pulses are generated on closed magnetic field lines near the light cylinder via anomalous cyclotron resonance on the ordinary mode. Waves are generated in a set of fine, unequally spaced, narrow emission bands at frequencies much lower than a local cyclotron frequency. Location of emission bands is fitted to spectral structures seen by Eilek et al. To reproduce the data, the required density of plasma in the giant pulses emission region is much higher, by a factor of similar to 3 x 10(5), than the minimal Goldreich-Julian density. Emission is generated by a population of highly energetic particles with radiation-limited Lorentz factors gamma similar to 7 x 10(7), produced during occasional reconnection close to the Y point, where the last closed field lines approach the light cylinder.


plasmas;; radiative transfer;; waves;; pulsars : individual : Crab;; Astronomy & Astrophysics

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