Dynamics of (SUSY) AdS space isometry breaking


S. T. Love

Published in:

Journal of Physics a-Mathematical and Theoretical 40,25 (2007) 7049-7053;


Actions governing the dynamics of the Nambu-Goldstone modes resulting from the spontaneous breaking of the SO(4, 2) and SU(2, 2 vertical bar 1) isometries of five-dimensional anti-de Sitter space (AdS(5)) and SUSY AdS(5) x S-1 spaces, respectively, due to a restriction of the motion to embedded four-dimensional AdS(4) space and four-dimensional Minkowski space (M-4) probe branes are presented. The dilatonic Nambu-Goldstone mode governing the motion of the M-4 space probe brane into the covolume of the SUSY AdS(5) x S-1 space is found to be unstable. No such instability appears in the other cases. Gauging these symmetries leads to an Einstein-Hilbert action containing, in addition to the gravitational vierbein, a massive Abelian vector field coupled to gravity.


Physics, Multidisciplinary;; Physics, Mathematical

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