Matching the circular Wilson loop with dual open string solution at 1-loop in strong coupling

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Journal of High Energy Physics 5 (2008) 064;


We compute the 1-loop correction to the effective action for the string solution in AdS(5) x S-5 dual to the circular Wilson loop. More generically, the method we use can be applied whenever the two dimensional spectral problem factorizes, to regularize and define the fluctuation determinants in terms of solutions of one-dimensional differential equations. A such it can be applied to non-homogeneous solutions both for open and closed strings and to various boundary conditions. In the case of the circular Wilson loop, we obtain, for the 1-loop partition function a result which up to a factor of two matches the expectation from the exact gauge theory computation. The discrepancy can be attributed to an overall constant in the string partition function coming from the normalization of zero modes, which we have not fixed.


strong coupling expansion;; AdS-CFT correspondence;; Physics, Particles & Fields

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