Theoretical interpretation of anomalous enhancement of nuclear reaction rates observed at low energies with metal targets

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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1-Regular Papers Brief Communications & Review Papers 46,4A (2007) 1656-1662;


A theoretical interpretation is presented for anomalous enhancements of nuclear reaction rates for deuteron-deuteron, deuteron-lithium, and proton-lithium reactions that were recently observed at low energies from deuteron and proton beam experiments. Using a generalized momentum-distribution function derived by Galitskii and Yakimets, which has high-energy momentum distribution tail of the inverse eighth power of the momentum, we obtain an approximate semi-analytical formula for nuclear reaction rates. Comparison of our theoretical estimates with recent experimental data indicates that the theory may provide a reasonable and consistent theoretical explanation of the experimental data. Based on predictions of our theoretical formula, we suggest a set of experiments for testing some of the theoretical predictions.


nuclear reactions involving few-nucleon systems;; quantum statistical;; mechanics;; energy loss and stopping power;; few-body systems;; and;; particle measurements;; Physics, Applied

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