An effective model of magnetoelectricity in multiferroics RMn2O5


C. Fang
J. P. Hu

Published in:

Epl 82,5 (2008) 57005 pg1-5;


An effective model is developed to explain the phase diagram and the mechanism of magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics, RMn2O5. We show that the nature of magnetoelectric coupling in RMn2O5 is a coupling between two Ising-type orders, namely, the ferroelectric order in the b-axis, and the. coupled magnetic order between two frustrated antiferromagnetic chains. The frustrated magnetic structure drives the system to a commensurate-incommensurate phase transition, which can be understood as a competition between a collinear order stemming from the "order by disorder" mechanism and a chiral symmetry order. The low-energy excitation is calculated and it quantitatively matches experimental results. Distinct features and the effects of external magnetic field in the electromagnon spectra in the incommensurate phase are predicted. Copyright (c) EPLA, 2008.


Physics, Multidisciplinary

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