Quantum many-body theory and mechanisms for low energy nuclear reaction processes in matter


Y. E. Kim

Published in:

Progress of Theoretical Physics Supplement 154 (2004) 379-386;


Recently, a theoretical model of Bose-Einstein Condensation (BEC) mechanism has been developed to describe low-energy nuclear reaction in a quantum many-body system confined in a micro/nano scale trap. The BEC mechanism is applied to explain various anomalous results observed recently in experiments involved with low-energy nuclear reaction processes in matter and in acoustic cavitation. Experimental tests of the BEC mechanism are also discussed. In addition to the BEC mechanism, plasma impact fusion (PIF) and particle cavitation fusion (PCF) mechanisms are also described.


deuterated pd-black;; helium he-4(2);; fusion;; he-3(2);; search

Date of this Version

January 2004

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