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Physical Review Letters 92,22 (2004) 222002;


The CLEO Collaboration has made the first observations of hadronic transitions among bottomonium (b (b) over bar) states other than the dipion transitions among Y(nS) states. In our study of Y(3S) decays, we find a significant signal for Y(3S)-->gammaomegaY(1S) that is consistent with radiative decays Y(3S)-->gammachi(b1,2)(2P), followed by chi(b1,2)(2P)-->omegaY(1S). The branching ratios we obtain are B[chi(b1)(2P)-->omegaY(1S)]=(1.63(-0.31-0.15)(+0.35+0.16))% and B[chi(b2)(2P)-->omegaY(1S)]=(1.10(-0.28-0.10)(+0.32+0.11))%, in which the first error is statistical and the second is systematic.


pi-pi;; pi+pi transitions;; states;; decays;; upsilon(3s)

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January 2004



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