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Physical Review Letters 91,20 (2003) 202301;


The yield for the multistrange Xi(-) hyperon has been measured in 6A GeV Au+Au collisions via reconstruction of its decay products pi(-) and Lambda, the latter also being reconstructed from its daughter tracks of pi(-) and p. The measurement is rather close to the threshold for Xi(-) production and therefore provides an important test of model predictions. The measured yield for Xi(-) and Lambda are compared for several centralities. In central collisions the Xi(-) yield is found to be in excellent agreement with statistical and transport model predictions, suggesting that multistrange hadron production approaches chemical equilibrium in high baryon density nuclear matter.


heavy-ion collisions;; nucleus-nucleus collisions;; central pb+pb collisions;; quark-gluon plasma;; plus au collisions;; pb-pb collisions;; strangeness enhancement;; energies;; ags;; equilibration

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January 2003



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