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Physical Review D 67,3 (2003) 034015;


A reanalysis of data from a recent search for ultraheavy isotopes of gold and iron leads to new constraints on several classes of exotic objects. These include strangelets, MEMOs (metastable exotic multihypernuclear objects), and CHAMPs (charged massive particles) which may have been present in the data, but which could have nonetheless gone undetected due to the design of the original experiment. As a result of the new analysis we are able to greatly enlarge the exclusion regions for exotic particles of mass M and charge Z, and provide limits as low as 10(-11) for small M/Z, and 10(-7) for M/Z up to 120.


heavy-ion collisions;; interacting massive particles;; quark matter;; experimental limits;; dark matter;; search;; gold

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January 2003



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