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Physical Review D 69,5 (2004) 052004;


Using the CLEO III detector at CESR, we have measured the branching ratio of the decay Xi(c)(0)-->pK(-)K(-)pi(+) relative to Xi(c)(0)-->Xi(-)pi(+). We find B(Xi(c)(0)-->pK(-)K(-)pi(+))B(Xi(c)(0)-->Xi(-)pi(+))=0.35+/-0.06(stat)+/-0.03(syst). In the resonant substructure of this mode, we find evidence for Xi(c)(0) decays to pK(*)(892)K-0(-), and measure B(Xi(c)(0)-->pK(*)(892)K-0(-))xB(K-*(892)(0)-->K(-)pi(+))/B(Xi(c)(0)-->Xi(-)pi(+))=0.14+/-0.03(stat)+/-0.01(syst) and B(Xi(c)(0)-->pK(-)K(-)pi(+))/B(Xi(c)(0)-->Xi(-)pi(+))=0.21+/-0.04(stat)+/-0.02(syst) for the non-K-*(892)(0)Xi(c)(0)-->pK(-)K(-)pi(+) decays.



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January 2004



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