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Physical Review D 70,12 (2004) 125011;


The action for the long wavelength oscillations of a non-BPS p=3 brane embedded in N=1, D=5 superspace is determined by means of the coset method. The D=4 world volume Nambu-Goldstone boson of broken translation invariance and the two D=4 world volume Weyl spinor Goldstinos of the completely broken supersymmetry describe the excitations of the brane into the broken space and superspace directions. The resulting action is an invariant synthesis of the Akulov-Volkov and Nambu-Goto actions. The D=4 antisymmetric tensor gauge theory action dual to the p=3 brane action is determined.


partially broken supersymmetry;; nonlinear sigma-models;; phenomenological lagrangians;; goldstone multiplet;; walls;; dimensions;; realizations;; superstrings;; superbranes;; millimeter

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January 2004



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