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Physical Review D 70,10 (2004) 105005;


The Green-Schwarz action for a non-BPS p=2 brane embedded in a N=1, D=4 target superspace is shown to be equivalent to the Nambu-Goto-Akulov-Volkov action obtained via the nonlinear realization of the associated target space super-Poincare symmetries. Introducing a U(1) gauge field strength as a Lagrange multiplier, this p=2 brane action is recast into its equivalent dual form non-BPS D2-brane Born-Infeld action. Following the procedure given by Sen, the Green-Schwarz action for a non-BPS D2-brane is determined directly. From it, conversely, the dual form non-BPS p=2 brane action is derived. The p=2 brane and the D2-brane actions obtained by these two approaches are different in form. Through explicitly determined field redefinitions, these actions are shown to be equivalent.


born-infeld theories;; partially broken supersymmetry;; super-p-branes;; nonlinear realizations;; phenomenological lagrangians;; goldstone multiplet;; supermembranes;; superbranes;; supergravity;; couplings

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January 2004



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