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Physical Review D 67,8 (2003) 085026;


The action for a non-BPS p=2 brane embedded in a flat N=1, D=4 target superspace is obtained through the method of nonlinear realizations of the associated super-Poincare symmetries. The brane excitation modes correspond to the Nambu-Goldstone degrees of freedom resulting from the broken space translational symmetry and the target space supersymmetries. The action for this p=2 brane is found to be an invariant synthesis of the Akulov-Volkov and Nambu-Goto actions. The dual D2-brane Born-Infeld action is derived. The invariant coupling of matter fields localized on the brane to the Nambu-Goldstone modes is also obtained.


born-infeld theories;; broken extended supersymmetry;; domain-walls;; coexisting walls;; susy breaking;; sigma-models;; superbranes;; couplings;; junctions;; objects

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January 2003



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