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Physical Review D 70,10 (2004) 105011;


Nonlinear realizations describing the spontaneous breakdown of supersymmetry and R-symmetry are constructed using the Goldstino and R-axion fields. The associated R-current, supersymmetry current and energy-momentum tensor are shown to be related under the nonlinear supersymmetry transformations. Nonlinear realizations of the superconformal algebra carried by these degrees of freedom are also displayed. The divergences of the R and dilatation currents are related to the divergence of the superconformal currents through nonlinear supersymmetry transformations which in turn relates the explicit breakings of these symmetries.


non-linear realization;; phenomenological lagrangians;; spontaneous breakdown;; conformal symmetry;; super-currents;; field-theories;; 4 dimensions;; sigma-model;; supercurrent;; renormalization

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January 2004



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