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Physical Review C 68,5 (2003) 054905;


Momentum spectra of charged pions over nearly full rapidity coverage from target to beam rapidity have been extracted from 0-5% most central Au +Au collisions in the beam energy range from 2A to 8A GeV by the E895 experiment. Using a thermal parametrization to fit the transverse mass spectra, rapidity density distributions are extracted. The observed spectra are compared with predictions from the RQMD version 2.3 cascade model and also to a thermal model including longitudinal flow. The total 4pi yields of the charged pions are used to infer an initial-state entropy produced in the collisions.


heavy-ion collisions;; nucleus-nucleus collisions;; hadronic matter;; excitation-function;; particle-production;; au+au collisions;; s+s collisions;; energy;; spectra;; flow

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January 2003



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