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Physical Review B 69,3 (2004) 035209;


Resonant enhancement enables the discovery and delineation of spin-flip Raman scattering (SFRS) from free or donor-bound electrons in diluted magnetic semiconductors containing 3d transition-metal ions at doping concentrations. In such studies, the intrinsic g factor of the host, CdTe in the present case, has to be accounted for accurately. The SFRS in CdTe yields the conduction band electron g factor of -1.676+/-0.007 and displays two resonance peaks mediated by free and donor-bound excitons, respectively. Excitonic signature in modulated reflectivity signals the successful formation of Cd1-xVxTe as an alloy, whereas magnetization measurements show vanadium ions incorporated as V2+ with xsimilar to4x10(-4). SFRS of Cd1-xVxTe displays vanadium related SFRS shifts of a sign opposite to that of the host. This indicates a ferromagnetic s-d exchange interaction between the s-like conduction electrons and the 3d shell of V2+ in Cd1-xVxTe; from the linear dependence of the s-d exchange energy as a function of magnetization alphaN(0), the s-d exchange constant is deduced to be 285+/-8 meV.


ii-vi semiconductors;; p-d exchange;; paramagnetic-resonance;; shallow donors;; vanadium ions;; excitons;; ferromagnetism;; states;; znte;; magnetoabsorption

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January 2004



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