High-speed depth-sectioned wide-field imaging using low-coherence photorefractive holographic microscopy

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Optics Communications 219,1-6 (2003) 87-99;


Low-coherence photorefractive holography has the potential to acquire wide-field coherence-gated images at frame rates approaching 1000 frames/s, including through scattering media. We present a quantitative analysis of the system optimization and limits of performance for coherence-gated imaging through scattering media using photorefractive holography and compare this performance to direct CCD detection. We show that, for high optical quality recording photorefractive multiple quantum well devices, photorefractive holography has the potential to provide a higher dynamic range than is possible with direct CCD-based detection. (C) 2003 Elsevier Science B.V. All rights reserved.


photorefractive;; holography;; coherence gating;; scattering media;; quantum-wells;; tomography;; geometry;; tissues;; light

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January 2003

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