Relativistic jets

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New Astronomy Reviews 48,11-12 (2004) 1151-1155;


Despite substantial observational and theoretical progress over many years, numerous key questions surrounding the topic of relativistic jets remain to be answered. In particular we still do not know how they are ejected from the supermassive black holes that are implicated in their production and we do not know how the ejection of matter at relativistic speeds is related to the properties of the parent galaxy. We are also just beginning to appreciate the role that relativistic jets play in the feedback loop between black holes and forming galaxies. The SKA will have a major impact in this field. The ability to image low luminosity sources and to map out the details of the interaction between jets and their environments will assist in understanding much of the physics of relativistic jets that is currently inaccessible. (C) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.


active galactic nuclei;; radio jets;; black-holes;; galaxy;; quasars;; markarian-501;; objects;; flows;; vlbi

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January 2004

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