Direct determination of the complete set of iron normal modes in a porphyrin-imidazole model for carbonmonoxy-heme proteins: [Fe(TPP)(CO)(1-Melm)]

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Journal of the American Chemical Society 125,23 (2003) 6927-6936;


Detailed Fe vibrational spectra have been obtained for the heme model complex [Fe(TPP)(CO)-(1-Melm)] using a new, highly selective and quantitative technique, Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopy (NRVS). This spectroscopy measures the complete vibrational density of states for iron atoms, from which normal modes can be calculated via refinement of the force constants. These data and mode assignments can reveal previously undetected vibrations and are useful for validating predictions based on optical spectroscopies and density functional theory, for example. Vibrational modes of the iron porphyrin-imidazole compound [Fe(TPP)(CO)(1-Melm)] have been determined by refining normal mode calculations to NRVS data obtained at an X-ray synchrotron source. Iron dynamics of this compound, which serves as a useful model for the active site in the six-coordinate heme protein, carbonmonoxy-myoglobin, are discussed in relation to recently determined dynamics of a five-coordinate deoxy-myoglobin model, [Fe(TPP)(2-MeHIm)]. For the first time in a six-coordinate heme system, the iron-imidazole stretch mode has been observed, at 226 cm(-1). The heme in-plane modes with large contributions from the nu(42), nu(49), nu(50), and nu(53) modes of the core porphyrin are identified. In general, the iron modes can be attributed to coupling with the porphyrin core, the CO ligand, the imidazole ring, and/or the phenyl rings. Other significant findings are the observation that the porphyrin ring peripheral substituents are strongly coupled to the iron doming mode and that the Fe-C-O tilting and bending modes are related by a negative interaction force constant.


nuclear resonant scattering;; density-functional theory;; spin cobalt porphyrins;; force-field;; molecular stereochemistry;; synchrotron-radiation;; vibrational-spectra;; raman intensities;; infrared-spectra;; nickel porphine

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January 2003

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