Reversibly altering electronic conduction through a single molecule by a chemical binding event

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Journal of Physical Chemistry B 107,45 (2003) 12378-12382;


This letter presents experimental evidence that the electrical conductance of a single molecule can be altered by a chemical binding event. Self-assembled monolayers of electron donor tetramethyl xylyl dithiol (TMXYL) have been synthesized and chemically switched to a conducting state by reaction with an electron acceptor tetracyanoethylene (TCNE). Low bias conductance measurements obtained by scanning tunneling spectroscopy under ultrahigh vacuum conditions show a change from insulating to ohmic behavior as a result of the electron donor/acceptor interaction.


self-assembled monolayers;; current-voltage characteristics;; alkanethiol monolayers;; room-temperature;; coulomb-blockade;; gold;; thiols;; metal;; wires;; nanostructure

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January 2003

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