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Journal of Optics a-Pure and Applied Optics 5,6 (2003) S448-S456;


The parallel pixel acquisition inherent in wide-field coherence-gated imaging techniques offers the possibility of high-frame-rate imaging and volumetric imaging, including through scattering media. We discuss photorefractive holography using sensitive, dynamic photorefractive multiple quantum well (PRQW) films as a promising approach and, after reviewing the factors that determine the sensitivity of this technique, we demonstrate that high-frame-rate wide-field coherence gated imaging is possible at 830 frames per second with PRQW devices using a non-intensified camera to record the diffracted signal.


high-speed;; photorefractive;; holography;; coherence gating;; wide-field;; spectral interferometry;; scattering media;; tomography;; microscopy;; geometry

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January 2003



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