Comparison of various buffer schemes to grow GaN on large-area Si(111) substrates using metal-organic chemical-vapor deposition

Published in:

Journal of Electronic Materials 32,5 (2003) 371-374;


A comparison of gallium-nitride (GaN) films grown on large-area Si(111) using a single aluminum-nitride (AlN) buffer, an AlN/graded-AlxGa1-xN buffer, and the introduction of additional low-temperature (LT)-grown AlN interlayers is reported. A graded-AlGaN buffer followed by additional LT-AlN interlayers is shown to completely eliminate cracking in nitride films of thickness >2 mum and also reduce the threading-dislocation density significantly. A partial compensation of GaN-tensile strain by the compressive-lattice strain induced by the AlGaN and AlN layers is responsible for this effect. The surface roughness is increased by the introduction of the LT-AlN buffers.


buffer schemes;; si(111) substrates;; aluminum nitride;; molecular-beam epitaxy;; algan/gan heterostructures;; phase epitaxy;; layer;; silicon(111);; transistors;; pressure;; (111)si;; films;; aln

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January 2003

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