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Journal of Applied Physics 95,11 (2004) 7178-7180;


Magnetic measurements on the ferromagnetic behavior in the bulk II-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor Zn1-xCrxTe were made on two x=0.0033 single crystals taken from different regions of the same boule. Ferromagnetism was verified in both samples by an Arrott plot analysis with a transition temperature at 365 K (well above room temperature). For both samples at room temperature, the coercive field is similar to0.0100 T and the remanent magnetization is 23% of the saturated value. The similarity in the observed ferromagnetic behavior between the two samples suggests that a stable CryTez or possibly ZnxCryTez precipitate phase is responsible, although a Cr-rich region in the bulk Zn1-xCrxTe itself cannot currently be conclusively ruled out as the source. (C) 2004 American Institute of Physics.



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January 2004



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