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Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Part 1-Regular Papers Short Notes & Review Papers 42,4B (2003) 2329-2331;


Ultrafast response of the diffraction efficiency of a photorefractive multiple quantum well(PRMQW) has been investigated by pump-probe spectroscopy. We evaluated the temporal evolution of the diffraction efficiency of the PRMQW using a differential transmission spectrum. The results were compared with the output-widening factor of diffracted pulses. A good agreement obtained between our evaluation results and the results. of electric-field cross correlation has confirmed the applicability of our technique in characterizing the diffraction efficiency of the PRMQW.


photorefractive material;; quantum well;; diffraction efficiency;; pump-probe technique;; pulse shaper;; optical gate;; femtosecond pulse;; pulses

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January 2003



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