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Astrophysical Journal 586,2 (2003) 1232-1237;


A search was conducted for TeV gamma-rays emitted from the direction of the ultra-high-energy cosmic ray detected by the Fly's Eye experiment with energy E similar to 3 x 10(20) eV. No enhancement was found at a level of 10(-10)gamma cm(-2) s(-1) for E > 350 GeV. A steady source of ultra-high-energy cosmic ray protons or photons would be expected to produce a gamma-ray flux above this level. An upper limit was also set for the flux of TeV gamma-rays from 3C 147, the most prominent active galactic nucleus in the error box.


cosmic rays;; galaxies : active;; galaxies : individual (3c 147);; gamma rays : observations;; bursts;; system;; radiation;; astronomy;; photons;; array

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January 2003



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