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Journal of Applied Physics 99,8 (2006) 2165924;


Magnetic properties of single-crystalline In1-xMnxSe (x=0.10) have been measured. A prominent thermal hysteresis in the magnetization is observed between 90 and 290 K. The magnetization is reversible (deviating by only similar to 0.8%) from 400 down to similar to 120 K along the upper branch of the hysteresis. In contrast, the lower branch magnetization is irreversible from 5 up to 290 K and deviates by 30% of the 0.010 emu/g hysteresis splitting at 140 K. Magnetic-field hysteresis loops at 200 K between -7 and +7 T demonstrate that changing the magnetic field does not allow movement between the upper and lower branches of the thermal hysteresis. This magnetic behavior is consistent with a charge-density wave. However, the observed Delta T=200 K hysteresis in In1-xMnxSe is roughly an order of magnitude larger than other previously reported values of Delta T. (C) 2006 American Institute of Physics.


gallium;; indium;; transitions;; selenide;; crystal;; gaas;; gase

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January 2006



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