Status of charm flavor physics


I. Shipsey

Published in:

International Journal of Modern Physics A 21,27 (2006) 5381-5403;


The role of charm in testing the Standard Model description of quark mixing and CP violation through measurements of lifetimes, decay constants and semileptonic form factors is reviewed. Together with Lattice QCD, charm has the potential this decade to maximize the sensitivity of the entire flavor physics program to new physics. and pave the way for understanding physics beyond the Standard Model at the LHC in the coming decade. The status of indirect searches for physics beyond the Standard Model through charm mixing, CP-violation and rare decays is also reported.


charm quark;; weak interaction;; strong interaction;; branching fractions;; semileptonic decays;; form-factors;; violation;; search

Date of this Version

January 2006

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