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Physical Review D 74,5 (2006) 052001;


We present model independent measurements of the helicity basis form factors in the decay D+-> K-pi(+)e(+)nu(e) obtained from about 2 800 decays reconstructed from a 281 pb(-1) data sample collected at the psi(3770) center-of-mass energy with the CLEO-c detector. We confirm the existence of a previously observed spin-zero K-pi(+) component interfering with the (K) over bar (*0) amplitude. We see no evidence for additional d- or f-wave contributions.


qed radiative-corrections;; universal monte-carlo;; semileptonic decays;; factor ratios;; meson decays;; b-decay;; lattice;; heavy;; vector;; detector

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January 2006



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