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Physical Review D 74,3 (2006) 031108;


We have studied the Cabibbo-suppressed decay mode D-0 -> K+K-pi(0) using a Dalitz plot technique and find the strong phase difference delta(D)equivalent to delta K-*-(K)+-delta K-*+(K)-=332 degrees +/- 8 degrees +/- 11 degrees and relative amplitude r(D)equivalent to a(K)(*-)K(+)/a(K)(*+)K(-)=0.52 +/- 0.05 +/- 0.04. This measurement indicates significant destructive interference between D-0 -> K+(K-pi(0))(K)(*-) and D-0 -> K-(K+pi(0))(K)(*+) in the Dalitz plot region where these two modes overlap. This analysis uses 9.0 fb(-1) of data collected at root s approximate to 10.58 GeV with the CLEO III detector.


nonleptonic decays;; particle physics;; 2-body decays;; charm mesons;; detector;; d0

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January 2006



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