F. Yuan
W. Cui

Published in:

Astrophysical Journal 629,1 (2005) 408-413;


Recently a correlation between the radio and X-ray luminosities, L-R proportional to L-X(0.7), was found in black hole sources including black hole candidates in our Galaxy and active galactic nuclei. We show that the correlation can be understood in the context of an accretion-jet model developed for explaining the spectral and timing properties of XTE J1118+ 480. More importantly, we show that when the X-ray luminosity is below a critical value, less than or similar to(10(-5) to 10(-6)) L-Edd, if the jet persists, the correlation should turn and become steeper, L-R proportional to L-X(1.23), and the X-radiation of the system should be dominated by the emission from the jet, rather than by the accretion flow. Possible observational evidence for our predictions is presented, and future observations to further test our predictions are proposed.


accretion, accretion disks;; black hole physics;; galaxies : active;; ism : jets and outflows;; x-rays : stars;; xte j1118+480;; jet model;; dominated accretion;; low/hard state;; binaries;; spectrum;; xte-j1118+480;; advection;; emission;; chandra

Date of this Version

January 2005



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