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Physical Review B 72,15 (2005) 35209;


The Van Vleck paramagnetism of Cd1-xFexTe, a diluted magnetic semiconductor, is explored with electronic Raman spectroscopy of an internal transition of Fe2+, on the one hand, and the spin-flip Raman scattering (SFRS) from donor-bound electrons, on the other. Zeeman splitting of the Raman transition from the nonmagnetic ground state to the first excited state displays patterns consistent with energy levels responsible for the Van Vleck paramagnetism. SFRS, in turn, delineates characteristic features of the Van Vleck magnetization, as expected from s-d exchange interaction. The combination of SFRS and magnetization measurements yielded the s-d exchange constant in Cd1-xFexTe, alpha N-0=244 +/- 10 meV.


transition-metal ions;; energy-level spectra;; semimagnetic semiconductor;; exchange interactions;; optical absorption;; fe2+;; polaron;; cdse;; cdte;; faraday

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January 2005



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