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Physical Review B 72,16 (2005) 165201 ;


The anisotropic magnetization of the III-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS), In1-xMnxS, is found within a mixed state model and compared to our measurements. The compound has a markedly different crystal structure from previously investigated III-VI DMS crystals. The singlet portion of the Hamiltonian incorporates the interaction of the incomplete shell of Mn 3d electrons with the crystal lattice within the point-ion approximation. Other terms include the Zeeman, spin-orbit and the spin-spin interactions. The doublet portion of the Hamiltonian assumes the substitutional nearest-neighbor Mn atoms interact with each other via antiferromagnet superexchange coupling. For our samples, the nominal value of x=2%. The singlet magnetization is found from the energy eigenvalues of the singlet Hamiltonian matrix, which was expressed in terms of an uncoupled angular momentum basis set. Magnetization versus temperature and field results are found for several values of the magnetic field, B, including choices along various directions relative to the underlying lattice. The magnetization was measured over a wide range of temperatures and fields with results compared to the mixed state model, which is an average of the singlet and doublet magnetizations. Overall, the agreement of the theory with the experimental data is excellent except at low temperatures (


single-crystals;; gase;; dynamics

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January 2005



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