Structure and energy gap of Cd1-xCaxTe and Cd1-yCaySe as a function of Ca2+ incorporation

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Semiconductor Science and Technology 20,2 (2005) 180-184;


Single crystals of Cd1-xCaxTe and Cd1-yCaySe ternaries, grown by the Bridgman technique and characterized by microprobe and x-ray techniques, showed the upper limit of x and y to be 0.05. The excitonic energy gap, determined from the derivative signature of free excitons in wavelength modulated reflectivity, shows a linear increase with increasing Ca2+ concentration in both ternary alloys. The near-band gap emissions of donor-bound and of acceptor-bound excitons observed in photoluminescence, investigated as a function of alloy composition, reveal blue shifts of donor-bound excitonic signatures, in good agreement with those observed for free excitons. The Raman spectra of Cd1-xCaxTe reveal the clear presence of CaTe-like LO phonons, confirming that the Ca incorporation has indeed resulted in a ternary Cd1-xCaxTe with a characteristic two-mode behaviour.


ii-vi semiconductors;; vibrational-modes;; thin-films;; alloys;; cd1-xmgxte;; znxsr1-xs;; raman;; mg

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