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Journal of Applied Physics 97,10 (2005) 10D308;


Results for the anisotropic magnetization of the III-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS), In1-xMnxS, are presented. The compound has a markedly different crystal structure from previously investigated III-VI crystals. The Hamiltonian includes crystal potential, Zeeman, spin-orbit, and spin-spin terms. The singlet model used assumes that the substitutional Mn are noninteracting which is appropriate when x is small (here 2 %). Magnetization versus temperature results are found for several magnetic fields B. The experimental magnetization is compared to our singlet model results with excellent agreement except at low temperatures (<= 20 K) where some evidence of possible spin-glass behavior is evident. (c) 2005 American Institute of Physics.


dynamics;; gase

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January 2005



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