Soft lithography based micron-scale electrophoretic patterning of purple membrane

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Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 15,8 (2005) 1494-1497;


Soft lithography and thermal evaporation of gold were used to create microfluidic channels with metal only on the bottom surface of each channel, in a process similar to nanotransfer printing (nTP). Micron-scale patterns of the bioelectronic material purple membrane (PM) were fabricated by combining standard soft lithography with electrophoretic deposition. Each metallized microfluidic channel is converted into a micron-scale electrophoresis cell by filling with a PM solution and applying a small voltage. Any number of patterns can be created for a variety of bioelectronic device applications. While this study focuses exclusively on the patterning of PM, micro-electrophoretic sedimentation is applicable to a wide range of biological and organic macromolecules.


bacteriorhodopsin;; biomaterials;; field

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