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Physical Review Letters 96,16 (2006) 162003;


Using data collected with the CLEO detector operating at the CESR e(+)e(-) collider at root s = 3.97-4.26 GeV, we investigate 15 charmonium decay modes of the psi(4040), psi(4160), and Y(4260) resonances. We confirm, at 11 sigma significance, the BABAR Y(4260)->pi(+)pi(-)J/psi discovery, make the first observation of Y(4260)->pi(0)pi(0)J/psi (5.1 sigma), and find the first evidence for Y(4260)-> K(+)K(-)J/psi (3.7 sigma). We measure e(+)e(-) cross sections at root s=4.26 GeV as sigma(pi(+)pi(-)J/psi)=58(-10)(+12)+/- 4 pb, sigma(pi(0)pi(0)J/psi)=23(-8)(+12)+/- 1 pb, and sigma(K(+)K(-)J/psi)=9(-5)(+9)+/- 1 pb, in which the uncertainties are statistical and systematic, respectively. Upper limits are placed on other decay rates from all three resonances.


qed radiative-corrections;; cleo-ii detector;; resonances

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January 2006



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