A direct limit on the turbulent velocity of the intracluster medium in the core of Abell 1835 from XMM-Newton

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Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 402,1 (2010) L11-L15;


We examine deep XMM-Newton Reflection Grating Spectrometer observations of the X-ray luminous galaxy cluster A1835. For the first time in a galaxy cluster, we place direct limits on turbulent broadening of the emission lines. This is possible because the coolest X-ray emitting gas in the cluster, which is responsible for the lines, occupies a small region within the core. The most conservative determination of the 90 per cent upper limit on line-of-sight, non-thermal, velocity broadening is 274 km s(-1), measured from the emission lines originating within 30 kpc radius. The ratio of turbulent to thermal energy density in the core is therefore less than 13 per cent. There are no emission lines in the spectrum showing evidence for gas below similar to 3.5 keV. We examine the quantity of gas as a function of temperature and place a limit of 140M(circle dot) yr(-1) (90 per cent) for gas cooling radiatively below 3.85 keV.

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