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Physical Review D 82,9 (2010)


We have searched for flavor-changing neutral current decays and lepton-number-violating decays of D+ and D-s(+) mesons to final states of the form h(perpendicular to)e(-/+)e(+), where h is either pi or K. We use the complete samples of CLEO-c open-charm data, corresponding to integrated luminosities of 818 pb(-1) at the center-of-mass energy E-CM = 3.774 GeV containing 2.4 x 10(6) D+D- pairs and 602 pb(-1) at E-CM 4.170 GeV containing 0.6 x 10(6) D-s(*+/-) D-s(-/+) pairs. No signal is observed in any channel, and we obtain 90% confidence level upper limits on branching fractions B(D+ -> pi(+)e(+)e(-)) < 5.9 x 10(-6), B(D+ -> pi(-)e(+)e(-)) < 1.1 x 10(-6), B(D+ -> K(+)e(+)e(-)) < 3.0 x 10(-6), B(D+ -> K(+)e(+)e(-)) < 3.5 x 10(-6), B(D-s(+) -> pi(+)e(+)e(-)) < 2.2 x 10(-5), B(D-s(+) -> pi(+)e(+)e(-)) < 1.8 x 10(-5), B(D-s(+) -> K(+)e(+)e(-)) < 5.2 x 10(-5), and B(D-s(+) -> K(-)e(+)e(+)) < 1.7 x 10(-5).

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November 2010



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