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Journal of Applied Physics 107,9 (2010)


Magnetization and ac susceptibility measurements on single crystalline Ga1-xMnxS (x=0.09) have been measured near the spin-glass transition. No other III-VI diluted magnetic semiconductor (DMS) is currently known to exhibit a spin-glass transition for comparison with Ga1-xMnxS. Both the magnetization and ac susceptibility measurements were analyzed according to the appropriate universal scaling function for spin-glass transitions. The nonlinear magnetization scaled with the critical exponent values gamma=4.0+/-1.0 and beta=0.8+/-0.2 for a spin-glass transition temperature T-c=11.2+/-0.2 K. The analysis of the ac susceptibility's out-of-phase component chi ''(omega, T) yielded the parameter values T-c=10.8+/-0.3 K, zv=10+/-1, and beta=0.6+/-0.3. The values of the critical exponents are consistent with those obtained in many DMS and non-DMS insulating spin glasses with different lattice structures and exchange interactions. These results indicate that III-V DMS materials such as Ga1-xMnxS belong in the same three-dimensional short-range Heisenberg universality class as other DMS and non-DMS insulating spin glasses. (C) 2010 American Institute of Physics. [doi:10.1063/1.3366616]

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May 2010



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