Interferometric detection of early markers for epithelial ovarian cancer and prognostic markers for acute lymphocytic leukemia

Published in:

Advanced Biomedical and Clinical Diagnostic Systems Viii 7555,(2010)


We are developing fluorescence-free interferometric biosensors for the early detection of epithelial ovarian cancer (EOC) and prognosis of acute lymphocytic leukemia ( ALL). We can detect potential early markers for EOC (CA125, human epididymus protein 4, osteopontin) spiked into serum as well as elevated CA125 in EOC patient serum. For ALL prognosis we are focusing on three intracellular protein markers (p73, p57/Kip2, and p15/Ink4b), the down-regulation of any two being indicative of a more aggressive cancer. We have detected p15 and p57 spiked into buffer and are preparing to test positive and negative control lysates from bone marrow biopsies.

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