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Physical Review D 73,3 (2006) 033007;


We investigate the feasibility of probing the neutrino mass hierarchy and the mixing angle phi(13) with the neutrino burst from a future supernova. An inverse power-law density rho similar to r(n) with varying n is adopted in the analysis as the density profile of a typical core-collapse supernova. The survival probabilities of nu(e) and (nu) over bar (e) are shown to reduce to two-dimensional functions of n and phi(13). It is found that in the n-sin(2)phi(13) parameter space, the 3D plots of the probability functions exhibit highly nontrivial structures that are sensitive to the mass hierarchy, the mixing angle phi(13), and the value of n. The conditions that lead to observable differences in the 3D plots are established. With the uncertainty of n considered, a qualitative analysis of the Earth matter effect is also included.


oscillations;; matter;; burst

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January 2006



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