Simulation of heavily irradiated silicon pixel sensors and comparison with test beam measurements

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Ieee Transactions on Nuclear Science 52,4 (2005) 1067-1075;


Charge collection measurements performed on heavily irradiated p-spray DOFZ pixel sensors with a grazing angle hadron beam provide a sensitive determination of the electric field within the detectors. The data are compared with a complete charge transport simulation of the sensor which includes free carrier trapping and charge induction effects. A linearly varying electric field based upon the standard picture of a constant type-inverted effective doping density is inconsistent with the 01 data. A two-trap double junction model implemented in the ISE TCAD software can be tuned to produce a double peak electric field which describes the data reasonably well. The modeled field differs somewhat from previous determinations based upon the transient current technique. The model can also account for the level of charge trapping observed in the data.


electric fields;; pixels;; radiation effects;; simulation;; space charge;; electric-field;; detectors;; dependence

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