Large-format fabrication by two-photon polymerization in SU-8

Published in:

Applied Physics a-Materials Science & Processing 100,1 (2010) 181-191;


Microporous structures are central to many fields of science and engineering, but many of these systems are complex with little or no symmetry and are difficult to fabricate. We applied two-photon polymerization (2PP) and femtosecond laser direct-writing techniques to fabricate broad-area large-format 3D microporous structures (450 mu m x 450 mu m x 40 mu m) in the epoxy-based photoresist SU-8. The appropriate exposure was determined by controlling average pulse energies and stage speeds to generate the exposure curves. Mechanical distortion exhibited in suspended walls fabricated by 2PP laser writing was studied by controlling wall lengths and widths. A simple thermal-expansion model is presented to explain the distortion caused by axial loadings of the walls.

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