Theoretical interpretation of anomalous tritium and neutron productions during Pd/D co-deposition experiments


Y. E. Kim

Published in:

European Physical Journal-Applied Physics 52,3 (2010)


The recent experimental observations of triple tracks in solid-state nuclear track detectors, CR-39, during Pd/D co-deposition experiments indicate that the triple tracks are due to similar to 14 MeV neutrons, which appear to originate from "hot" fusion reaction D(t, n)He-4. Nuclear theory interpretation of the origin of similar to 14 MeV neutrons is presented in terms of a sub-threshold resonance reaction involving (T + p) resonance state of He-4*(J(pi) = 0(+)) at 20.21 MeV, which produces 1.01 MeV T. An upper limit of the branching ratio, R(n)/R(T), between neutron production rate and tritium production rate is calculated to be R(n)/R(T) < 10(-4). Experimental tests of the proposed theoretical interpretation are proposed.

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