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Physical Review D 81,11 (2010)


Using a large sample (approximate to 11800 events) of D+ -> K-pi(+)e(+)nu(e) and D+ -> K-pi(+)mu(+)nu(mu) decays collected by the CLEO-c detector running at the psi(3770), we measure the helicity basis form factors free from the assumptions of spectroscopic pole dominance and provide new, accurate measurements of the absolute branching fractions for D+ -> <(Kover bar>*(0)e(+)nu(e) D+ -> <(Kover bar>*(0)mu(+)nu(mu) decays. We find branching fractions which are consistent with previous world averages. Our measured helicity basis form factors are consistent with the spectroscopic pole dominance predictions for the three main helicity basis form factors describing D+ -> (K) over bar*(0)l(+)nu(l) decay. The ability to analyze D+ -> K-pi(+)mu(+)nu(mu) allows us to make the first nonparametric measurements of the mass-suppressed form factor. Our result is inconsistent with existing lattice QCD calculations. Finally, we measure the form factor that controls nonresonant s-wave interference with the D+ -> (K) over bar (0)l(+)nu(l) amplitude and search for evidence of possible additional nonresonant d- or f-wave interference with the K*(0).

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June 2010



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