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Physical Review D 83,3 (2011)


We report on a study of exclusive radiative decays of the Gamma(1S) resonance into a final state consisting of a photon and two K-S(0) candidates. We find evidence for a signal for Gamma(1S) -> gamma f(2)(')(1525); f(2)(') f(2)'(1525) -> gamma(KSKS0)-K-0, at a rate Bd(Y1S) -> gamma f(2)(')(1525)) = (4.0 +/- 1.3 +/- 0.6) x 10(-5), consistent with previous observations of Gamma(1S) -> gamma f(2)(')(1525); f(2)(')(1525) -> K+K-, and isospin. Combining this branching fraction with existing branching fraction measurements of Gamma(1S) -> gamma f(2)(')(1525) and J/psi -> gamma f(2)'(1525), we obtain the ratio of branching fractions: B(Gamma(1S) -> gamma f(2)'(1525))/B(J/psi -> gamma f(2)(')(1525)) = 0.09 +/- 0.02, approximately consistent with expectations based on soft-collinear effective theory.

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February 2011



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